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Phreakers, Hackers and Phone System Security
During the rising onslaught of SIPVicious attacks hacking digital hybrid and voice over ip systems, it’s easy for analog PBX owners to think that their straight analog PBX system protects them from phreakers and hackers but they need to think again. With analog PBX systems, like digital hybrid, SIP and VOIP phone systems, the question continues to be: not if the system will be hacked but when. The most prudent path regardless of the type of phone system is to identify and test the measures in place to delay access and immediately report upon discovery of suspicious activity...

Considering Costs of a New Business Phone System
Investment or Expense?
Phone systems are likely the most significant piece of equipment that any business will need to invest in if it wants to be successful. A really good business phone system will likely cost a business at least a couple of thousands of dollars. For this price, a business should ensure that it knows exactly what to get and what it is getting in its business phone systems...


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