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Whether your organization is a small business or a large enterprise, you need a business communications system that delivers superior performance, dependability and a feature set that will enhance your productivity.

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Testimonials bout Alamo Prism Communication and its employees, equipment and services




Dear Dave and Phil, 

You guys are amazing! 

After an idle call to assist me with a relocation of a phone line at my home you turned a lemon of a job into lemonade.  I called you because – well – you have always fixed my telephone system at my office. 

The lone call turned into innumerable visits to find the source of a problem which no one understood.  But, you guys figure it out.  So my 1921 house finally moved its main phone line across the kitchen to a new locale! 

Once again, many thanks to you both for not quitting and turning me loose to AT&T. 




Jim B.


Alamo Prism  installed and has maintained our telephone system at Wonderland, Texas since 2010.  The IWATSU telephone system has been very reliable with no outages or issues since it was installed five years ago.  Prism Communications’ maintenance and support has been equally dependable and responsive.  We are very pleased with our communications system and the support we receive from Prism and would recommend them for any small business needs. 

Steve R.



Integration Services 


"I had the distinct pleasure to work with Ms. MorganWeschenfelder on a large complex system development project focused on Homeland Security. Elena is one of those individuals you hope to have on your team. She is intelligent, has great interpersonal skills, excellent analytic and problem solving skills."

Buddy M., South Carolina Research Authority

"I've worked with Elena MorganWeschenfelder periodically on military and government contracts since 1990.  Working in partnership with Ms. MorganWeschenfelder has always been an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge of multi-sensor, multi-media communication platforms provides an indispensable integration ability for any enterprise-level customer."

Chris M.


 "I was introduced to Elena MorganWeschenfelder during my tenure as the Deputy Director of Task Force Seahawk and was impressed by her ability to quickly grasp bare-bones requirements that produce maximum results."

Frank G.



Equipment & Systems 

Morgan's Wonderland  

Opened in 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland is a non-profit theme park specifically designed for people with physical and cognitive difficulties. To create an exceptional experience for the park’s many visitors, safety and security were key. The park’s management team sought a high-bandwidth network that would support a comprehensive RFID-based visitor tracking system that could cover the park’s 25 acres. The network would also keep operating costs low and survive the rigors of the region’s extreme weather conditions. Alcatel-Lucent’s powerful LAN switches enabled Morgan’s Wonderland to achieve this comprehensive coverage while keeping both construction and operating costs down and delivering excellent network fault-tolerance. - See more at: http://enterprise.alcatel-lucent.com/?content=CustomerReferences&page=searchresults#sthash.pvrPjLFo.dpuf 


Marshall Independent School District  

Industry: Education Alcatel-Lucent Solutions: Converged Campus Country: United States Return to customer reference homepage "The next time this network needs to be rebuilt, we won't be around to witness it. " Ron Lehr, Director of Technology Services, Marshall ISD Marshall Independent School District increased capacity for bandwidth applications 100-fold. Challenges Refresh the existing outdated network Build an infrastructure with higher performance that would support new devices and new applications Lower operational costs over chassis-based solution Benefits Network infrastructure that permits future growth and a long life Lower power consumption, compact footprint and 10G capabilities combine a lower operational cost with a long lifespan for their network Increase capacity 100-fold, allowing for very high bandwidth applications, and permitting the use of mobile devices for every student - See more at: http://enterprise.alcatel-lucent.com/?content=CustomerReferences&page=customer&id=30824#sthash.nZW1S2cf.dpuf 


Advocate Health Care  

The largest fully integrated, not-for-profit healthcare system in metro Chicago—and ranked among the top 10 in the entire U.S.—Advocate Health Care needed to increase productivity and cut the cost and time of staff travel between its eight hospitals and 200 related sites. Alcatel-Lucent helped the organization unify communication and harness the power of collaboration tools for its more than 24,500 workers—including 4,600 physicians. This enabled efficient information sharing in support of its wide range of services including acute care, home health care, counseling, nursing and healthcare education. - See more at: http://enterprise.alcatel-lucent.com/?content=CustomerReferences&page=searchresults#sthash.fvgbYHUB.dpuf